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The business card is one of those things I never quite liked to get even less to give. I always found it rather wasteful in the first place and certainly not flexible enough for this time and age, moreover I’m in IT, I made my peace with paper a while back and don’t like printing . The search for the perfect E-Business Card.

I wanted to come up with something that was easy, practical, effective and cheap!

There are plenty of technologies to deal with business cards but I wanted something a bit different to begin with. I’ve been eyeing the lock screen of my phone for a while and often thought it ought to be more useful than just showing a pretty picture, yes there are a number of widgets that can be used directly without unlocking the phone but the picture itself isn’t of much use. I thought it would be nice to use that as a form of E-Business card and came up with the following design.

With this fairly easily put together background just for the lock screen I can show my details to other even without unlocking. One can use the QR code, can take a picture of my phone, can scribble some of the details on a Post-IT or even use an App like Google Lens to come up with my details.

Design and Google Lens

As you can see from the picture above on the left, in designing I had to take into account where the widgets would be displayed and left room for them. A nice picture in the back, clear icons for the socials and the various other details and the job is done. Total time about an hour.

From very low and old tech to the latest and greatest this my new E-Business Card can fulfil my requirements: easy, practical, effective, cheap and eco-friendly